The Manchester Yizong Bagua school has been situated in Chorlton since William "Aarvo" Tucker, senior Disciple of Luo De Xiu, returned from Taiwan and began teaching in England in 1997. Aarvo is now teaching in Edmonton Canada and the class is taught by his senior student Dave Bolton. Dave has over 30 years martial arts experience having trained in and taught kickboxing and Chinese external martial arts for sixteen years before meeting Aarvo tucker and beginning Bagua in 2001. He earned 3rd degree black belt in kickboxing and 2nd degree black sash under NWCKB and 2nd degree black sash under the BCKA and competed nationally and internationally between 1993 and 2005 representing NWCKB and Great Britain with the WKA squad.

Since retiring from kickboxing and competing Dave has concentrated on his Bagua and Xing yi practice under Aarvo Tucker and Luo de Xiu and has run the Manchester club since 2007.

Luo Dexiu


Head of Yizong school

William "Aarvo" Tucker


Senior disciple of Luo Dexiu

Dave Bolton


Senior student of Aarvo Tucker and main instructor for Manchester

The Skillful Application of Change

Luo Laoshi's class in Taipei back in the days when Aarvo Tucker, Marcus Brinkman, Tim Cartmell etc were first learning.

Master Luo De Xiu's workshop at Ways To Flow School - 2013

Luo De Xiu Nimes 2013

Bill "Aarvo" Tucker

Luo De Xiu

Luo throws Aarvo