Manchester Bagua
Gao style baguazhang

Classes held every Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Beginner classes starting soon!


There are two classes per week on Monday and Friday evenings plus an extra optional sparring class on a Tuesday evening. Classes cover the full Yizong Bagua syllabus and concentrate equally on "pre - heaven" circling forms and foundational practices for body development - and "post heaven" linear forms, 2 person practice and application training for the development of combat ability.

The Monday class is mostly Xiantian (pre heaven) material with some additional Houtian (post heaven) practice while the Friday class is the opposite – principally Houtian (post heaven) based with some additional Xiantian (pre heaven) work.

The Tuesday sparring class concentrates on applying the strategies and tactics of the system and all its classical techniques in a “San Da” format. This class includes physical conditioning, padwork, two person drilling, linework, throwing practice, situational/limited sparring drills and full contact open sparring.

All classes include basic jiben gong exercises and “tian gan” – body unification exercises.

Classes are friendly and informal and students are free to learn at their own pace and concentrate on whichever aspects of the syllabus interest them the most (although people especially interested in the Internal Martial arts for health should be aware that there will be an emphasis on hands on training and that all classes will contain an element of conditioning with physically challenging exercises that many would describe as "external")

We are privileged to have good links with the Yizong school in Taiwan, with Luo De Xiu Loashi and his senior students visiting us regularly to teach seminars and class members traveling out to Taiwan to train.

Class Times

Classes are on the days below and held at Wilbraham St Ninian‘s United Reformed Church, Egerton Road South, Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, M21 0XJ

Drop in or for more information contact us at - or phone Dave Bolton on - 0758 2929 825


7PM - 9PM

Houtian (pre-heaven) and jiben shoufa


8PM - 10PM

Sparring class
(invite only)


6:30PM - 8:30PM

Xiantian (post-heaven) and tiangan


12PM - 5PM
(First Saturday of every month only)

Monthly review session

A complete martial system

Annual seminars with Luo Dexiu, head of Yizong school

Class prices

If you intend to train regularly we encourage monthly standing order payments at a discounted rate but a single session, drop in rate is also available.

One weekly


Standing order payment for one weekly class. You can attend either the Monday or the Friday session

Three weekly


Standing order payment for all three weekly sessions*

Single “drop in”


The single class "drop in" price for all three session*

* Please note: Tuesday sparring class is invite only